2014 - 2017

The Department of Political and Administrative Studies in collaboration with University of Oslo in Norway is implementing a four year (2014-2017) re­search and training project entitled “Strengthening Democracy & Economic Governance Development in Malawi” which is funded by National Research Council of Norway. The project is mainly categorised into two:

  • Introduction of a collaborative Master of Public Administration and Management (MPAM) degree programme and
  • Malawi public sector empirical research which should feed into the MPAM training programme. 

This collaborative project aims at influencing public policy and building and fur­ther strengthening research, educational and administrative capacity in Malawi through an interrelated set of activities. Through this project, PAS department will help build a critical mass of more and better qualified Malawians who can effectively engage with political and economic elites and policy makers and thereby positively influence decision-making processes related to democratic and economic governance. 

Currently more than 12 research activities under the project are underway which will have a significant impact in understanding public policy and manage­ment and its implications in the public service.

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