2014 - 2016

The Political and Administrative Studies has also been involved in a three year research project with Christiansen Michelson Institute (CMI) of Norway which is sponsored by NORAD. The primary project objective is to better under­stand what promotes women’s participation in politics 

in Malawi, and the possible effects of women’s participation in different political arenas. The goal is to produce new knowledge on the situation of female repre­sentation in politics in Malawi, in terms of descriptive, substantive and symbolic representation in the arenas of the executive, parliament, and political parties. Other secondary objectives are 

  • to disseminate knowledge about the obstacles to (and virtues of) women participation and 
  • representation in politics in Malawi, for the sake of improving democ­racy and governance 
  • to strengthen the research capacity on gender and politics in Norway and Malawi. 

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