Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Deparment & MA HRM-IR Coordinator

Dip.Pub Admn, BBA Mlw, MA (Pub Admn) Rands, Dphil & Ltts Johannesburg    +265999850020

Apart from holding the position of Associate Professor in the department, Dr Hussein used to be Director of Centre for Peace and Conflict Management (CEPCOM), in the Faculty of Social Science, University of Malawi.

Before join­ing the University of Malawi, Dr Hussein worked as Deputy Clerk of various local governments in Malawi. He is a seasoned facilitator, trainer and researcher with vast experience in various areas including leadership, strategic manage­ment and politics. Specifically, he has authored numerous academic articles on decentralization in Malawi. He has extensive experience in Malawi, working with government and civil society organisations.

He also has vast experience in Institutional analysis and organisation development relating to the private and public sectors, decentralisation, democracy, good governance and public sec­tor reform. Dr Hussein has been involved in facilitating country-wide training programmes to local governments and civil society organisations on decentral­ization, project management and team building (as a GTZ consultant) as well as training programmes for Members of Parliament and Senior Government officials,.

He has also has completed major research projects and consultancies including ‘Integrity governance Indicators for Global Integrity ; ‘documenting Health Service Decentralisation in Malawi’ for the World Health Organisa­tion (WHO); ‘Social Accountability and Citizen Participation’ for the World Bank and ‘Capacity assessment of Stakeholders (CSOs and NGOs) and the Democracy Consolidation Programme (DCP Program Office).

Furthermore, he has participated in ‘Change Management in Local Authorities Project, mod­ule development assignments in decentralisation, governance principles, human resources management and teambuilding for various stakeholders.

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